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Lista misji

PACC Nazwa Poziom Nagroda Potrzebne Przedmioty
The First Quest 0 1351 XP, 150 Gold, 210x Band Aid, 15x Small Mana Elixir, 10x Small Life Elixir, 1x Rękawice (3lvl), 1x Bransolety (3 lvl), 1x Buty (5 lvl), 1x Hełmy (6 lvl) zależnie od klasy. 5x Hare Meat, 5x Sting, 5x Vial of Poison, 7x Bat Wing, 8x Wormib Skin
The Goddess Kanmalli - -
The Journey Begins! 3 Miejsce na plecak, 11900 XP, 600 Gold, 5x Mini Mana Potion, 5x Small Life Potion, 1x Ring of Nature. Machete, Pan, 20x Goblin Nose, 5x Quakan Orb, 20x Rags
Time to Clean the Dirt 4 1430 XP, 10x Moldy Cheese, 10x Maggot Bood, 1x Avocado. 15x Bark of Cockroach
Who Is the Man? 4 400 XP, 5x Small Life Potion, 5x Small Mana Potion. 5x Leg Beef (65 Gold na zakup)
The Blue Dress 5 800 XP 30x Cobweb
The Pink Dress 5 400 Gold 30x Cobweb
Unusual baits 5 400 XP, 5x Small life potion, 5x Small life elixir 13x Rat tail
Voldem's Kitchen 5 3000 XP, 2400 Gold 8x Chicken Egg, 15x Carrot, 10x Cheese, 3x Beer, 5x Shrimp, 7x Tilapia, 6x Tomato, 5x Steak, 5x Vine Bottle, 8x Champignon, 6x Black Beer
Moving Mill's 5 3000 XP, 4x Bronze Bar -
Breaking Rocks in the Path 6 100 XP, 5x Brass Bar 5x Gross Copper, 5x Raw Zinc, 250 gold
Flowers For the Big Day 6 400 XP, 100 Gold 12x Arum Lily
The Oakendor's Harbor 6 Odblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Oakendor City. Machete
The Ely's Harbor 6 Odblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Village of Ely. Machete
The Donncaster's Harbor 6 Odblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Donncaster. -
Motherly Love 7 2100 XP, Necklace symbol of balance I. -
Proteins 7 600 XP, 200 Gold, Nogawice (4 lvl) zależnie od klasy. 100x Insect egg
Recovering Books 8 2500 XP, 5000 Gold 100x Gold, Machete
Puts in the Account of the Paladin 8 2000 XP, 1800 Gold Pan, Machete
Creating the Weapons of a Shaman 8 Dostęp do Kowadło, 5x Metalic Fragment. -
Creating the Weapons of a Warrior 8 Dostęp do Kowadło, 5x Metalic Fragment. -
Creating the Weapons of a Barbarian 8 Dostęp do Kowadło, 5x Metalic Fragment. -
Creating the Weapons of an Archer 8 Dostęp do Kowadło, 5x Metalic Fragment. -
Creating the Weapons of a Mage 8 Dostęp do Kowadło, 5x Metalic Fragment. 1x Brass Bar, 4x Bronze Bar, 1x Elemental Bar
Delivery from Dillon to Loeturn 8 1000 XP, 1500 Gold -
Deliveries of the Lord Richter 8 800 Gold, Necklace of life I -
The Unexpected Muses 8 6000 XP -
A Plague of Beetles 8 960 XP, 400 Gold -
Delivery of Arlete 9 500 Gold, 1x Deliverymans Bag. -
Avoiding Pests in the Future 10 1250 XP, 5x Small Life Potion. 9x Amalia Flower, 15x Temere Bark, 4x Aleva
Collecting history 10 - ???
Goblins Raiders 10 1x Ruby, 3x Brass Bar -
Help to find my spider 10 - ???
Apprentice Miner 11 10x Gross Copper lub 10x Raw Zinc lub 10x Elementary Ore. Pan, Sledgehammer
My Bandages are the Best 12 100x Bandages, Możliwość robienia bandaży z Lyta. 12x Goblin Thong, 8x Pot Of Slime, 8x Arum Lily
The long journey to the centaurs 12 800 XP, Dostęp do podziemi latarni Boldrika -
Jamdak Special Stew 12 2700 XP, 900 Gold, 5x Mead 5x Arum Lily, 8x Beetle Shell, 10x Craboxer Claw, 15x Poisonous Mushrooms, 2x Maggot Blood
Port Rackham Bonfires 12 1500 XP, 1x Beginner's Necklace -
Little Box of Nostalgia 12 1950 XP, 400 Gold Pan
Chain Mail Material 13 1200 XP, 8x Small Life Elixir 25x Tough webbing
Tropical Delights 14 17050 XP, 6200 Gold, Spiritual Necklace III 12x Leg Beef, 5x Tomato, 15x Shrimp, 3x Green Coconut, 8x Tilapia, 3x Pineapple, 13x Seaweed, 7x Mushroom Cup, 15x Paguro Meat, 4x Red Egg, 12x Mackerel, 3x Tanned Leather, 7x Mango, 13x Energized Tentacle, 7x Lobster, 9x Essence of Ignis, 5x Magic Dust, 30x Honeycomb, 13x Octopriest Tentacles
Competition Slaughtering Leg 15 1200 XP, 5x Antidote. 21x Centipede paws
Search for knowledge 15 1x Teleport Scroll -
Amount Training 15 32250 XP, 10x Avarage Life Potion, 10x Avarage Mana Potion, Polishing Stone III, Polishing Stone IV -
The Old Curiosity 15 1x Goat Toy, 1x Abseiling, możliwość kupienia Abseiling u Mirceo. Sledgehammer
Scales of Fashion 15 1500 XP, 500 Gold 7x Crocodrill scale
Deviations in the Bay 15 1000 XP, 250 Gold, 4x Apple -
Feeding the Headlight 15 1000 XP, 500 Gold 50x Magic Fragment, 1x Lamp
My little javaligre 15 3200 XP, 12x Metal Fragment II Machete, Sledgehammer
Adventures of Sands 16 500 Gold, dostęp do Porakaa Village. 20x Tree Bark
Tears in Pearls 16 2500 XP, Necklace of Life II. -
The Honour in the Details 16 1750 XP -
Skins For the Castle 16 1500 XP 2x Brown Bear Skin
Alienated Infiltration 17 3500 XP 2x Tough Wood, 600 Gold
Faerie Scroll Quest 17 Faerie Scroll, możliwość kupowania Faerie Scroll. Machete, Sledgehammer, 10x Blue Fireflies,
3x Javamute Fang
The brooch golden 17 2000 Gold, Ring of haste I Pan
Knowledge lost 18 2400 XP, 1500 Gold Machete
Rice Party 18 3500 XP -
Love at First Sight 19 4000 Gold 1x Bright Jewelry, 10x Amalia Flower
Is Or Is Not an Insect? 19 2400 XP -
Who is alive always appears 19 250-600 Gold Pan
Let follow the light 20 5000 XP Sledgehammer
Tweet 20 3000 XP, 1x Running Ring -
There is no free lunch 20 2000 XP , 1x Arbus special dish Machete, 5x Tongue of Giant Frog, 4x Slimey Shell, 10x Venex Leaf
Diseases in the Herd 20 2800 XP, 2380 Gold 7x Javamute Fang
Lost pearls 21 8000 XP, 1000 Gold -
Anemoi 22 10000 XP -
Dangerous Inflitration 24 Dostęp do fortecy orków. Machete, Sledgehammer
Eye Oil 25 1825 XP, 2x Polishing Stone II. Pan, 15x Eyelord Oil
Elementary My Dear Warrior 25 3150 XP, 2000 Gold, 10x Iron Bar. Gazua
Milking the danger 27 3400 XP, 800 Gold, 5x Bottle of Milk. 10x Bucket
Fish Story 28 8000 XP Pan, Machete
The award-winning pumpkin 28 3080 XP, 200 Band Aid, 10x Avarage Life Potion Sledgehammer
Eternal happiness 28 5000 XP, Mana regeneration ring Pan, 20x Troll Tooth, 1x Cord
A drunk's key has no owner 30 3500 XP Pan
Whilspe: a Swamp Beyond the Earth 30 Dostęp do Whilspe Island Pan, 5x Cocatriz Beak
Treasures of a Lazy Old Man 32 3000 XP, 1x Polishing Stone III, 1x Phoenix Ring Flames Pan
Repelling the problems 33 10000 XP, 30x Steak, Ant statue -
The hungry prisoner 34 10000 XP Pan, Machete, 2x Lobster, 5x Black Beer, Klucze do lochów Donncaster
No love, no gold 35 ??? ???
Fishing in the company 35 7500 XP 10x Chuul Claw
The Missing Son 35 10000 XP Klucze do lochów Donncaster
The oven hard as Rock 37 5500 XP, 900 Gold 15x Bulette Shell
Nethun's Tale 40 12000 XP, Life Necklace III ???
Leader of the bandits 40 10000 XP, Ring of Time Machete
Gathering All the Codices 40 - Sledgehammer
Giant seafood fishing 40 - ???
Retrieving the belongings of Humble 44 - ???
The deliveryman dissapeared 50 20000 XP, 1x Bravebold Ring ???
The old woman of Deahnar Forest 50 500 Gold ???
Viands 50 500 Gold ???
Taking revenge on the tormentor 50 4500 XP, 1x Life Scroll ???
What you can't see 50 6100 XP, Life Scroll Faerie Scroll, Sledgehammer, Machete
Promises in the Dark 60 10000 XP, 1 punkt umiejętności Metallurgical Gauntlet, Dark Grimoire, Machete
The discovery of a new type of crystal 65 - ???
Drake egg 80 20000 XP ???
Evidence of the crime 85 - ???
The great Ritual 100 - ???
The Crown of the Ended 150 - ???